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First Game!

2011-03-22 21:38:07 by Metherat

I am a new member on Newgrounds, but I wish to catch up with some of the more older members quickly, so Iv'e decided to put a game Iv'e beed developing (with the help of Gamemaker 8) on Newgrounds. The game is called Go Dr. Cricket, and it's about a leopard gecko named Dr. Cricket. In the game, you have to eat a cricket at the end of each level to go on to the next one. It's a kind of dungeon game, and it's the first game Iv'e ever made, so it might not be nearly as good as some of the games Ive played on here. Ive included a lot of stuff in Go Dr. Cricket, ranging from meanie turtles to mealworms that give you points. Im just finishing the game, so you can expect it to be up on Saturday (if I can figure out how to post it on Newgrounds, or if my computer doesn't get infected by viruses).


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2011-03-22 22:24:42

Go to Submit Content and fill out all of the stuff on there.
That is how you submit stuff.